He doesn’t love this picture, but probably because it’s close up, and let’s be real, not that many people love close up photos of themselves.
But I love this photo.
This photo reflects inspiration, dreams, and integrity. 
Everything about this makes me want to follow my dreams, just as he is doing.
You da bomb, seandarko !
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Angel with Smoke
One of my favorites of Angel.
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Angel at the Park.
Happy 420!!! From this cutie and I!

My parents started talking about how today was 4/20 on our way to brunch.

My dad started off by calling it 4/10 and completely pretended not to know, but proceeded to tell us the exact history of the holiday, which was surprisingly all perfectly on point.

Then my mom asked my sister and I if either of us has ever smoked weed.

My older sister lied and said, “No.”

And my answer?

My answer was “HELL YEAH.”

Hahahaha happy Easter, tumblr.