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This was a double exposure.
I like it but I don’t.
This was the only clear selfie I got w/ my Polaroid 330.
eg90 being hella lame on my Polaroid 330. 

Turning Down Great Opportunities

15. April 2014

I have recently decided to turn down the job position I was offered at NASA.


Well there’s a lot more to it than the most simple answer I can give you, but one of the main reasons is that although photography is my passion, my drive, my life, it’s also the artistic aspects that photography has drawn me in.

Simply put, NASA would have lacked creativity. 

I have always told myself that I am doing what I am doing because I am a creative person and NOT a typical office working girl.

Although this opportunity would have looked AMAZING on my resume, I could not bring myself to sell myself short of what I know my potential could be.

There was nothing wrong with the job, nothing wrong at all with NASA, in fact, I know I should have taken it for resume purposes, but after a long thought process, I just couldn’t see myself there for too long.

I know what I want to do and what direction I want to point myself at, and NASA just wasn’t it.

I want to work in fashion.

I want to take portraits.

I will take fashion forward portraits.

As of lately, I have been on such a war with myself on why I haven’t been able to get more people to shoot, but you know, that’s just life.

I need to realize that I can’t rush anything and everything will settle in its place when it needs to.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity but there comes a time and place where I have to do what is best for me and my future, even if it means turning down something that in everyone else’s eyes would have looked way better than the unknowing.

I’m sitting here in the midst of April and realizing that I am going to soon be saying goodbye to a whole lot that I’ve come to know for the last five-ish years going into the great unknown path called adulthood

I know a lot of adjustments are going to be made and I know things might be in a rough patch right now, but I’ll deal with everything when I get there.

I love the arts.

I always will.

And to be honest, I’m willing to sacrifice a whole lot for it.

Testing out our new GoPro Hero with seandarko !


I had the wonderful privilege of taking this beautiful woman’s first real photoset! 
Being that we got a really late start and the natural light was becoming limited, she new that we had to start right away.
She was simply wonderful to work with and although she was nervous for her first photoset, I was just as nervous!
Viviane is a photographer herself, so naturally she’s going to have some sort of expectations.
With our limited time and our spontaneity, I could not have asked for better pictures (other than maybe just more time for more pictures). 
Today was extremely motivating and inspiring.
I’m excited to work more towards my goals and dreams of being a real photographer. 
In other news, don’t forget to follow her on her tumblr and flickr, because she’s just wonderful!!!
Outdoors w/ Viviane
Apartment door w/ Viviane 
Being shadowy w/ Viviane